Work in Progress · Museography Ex-Brewery Ebner

Client :
Year : 2019
Location : Av. Independencia 565, Independencia, Región Metropolitana
Area : 350 m2

Museography Ex-Brewery Ebner Malbi

The commission consisted of the development of a museum of the former Ebner brewery located within the Barrio Independencia mall. The development involved a process of research, curatorial design, museographic proposal and graphic museum identity.

Exhibition Objective

Highlight the heritage attributes of the place through the minimum possible intervention. Through an educational tour on architecture, early brewing processes and the various impacts that these generated on urban life, a landscape was designed where the tour allows the user to discover associations between objects and themes so that each visitor is able to build their own imaginary. The museum space is divided into two vaults

  1. Educational Vault – Permanent Program
  2. Bóveda Sensorial – Programa Flexible