Work in Progress · SAE Office

Client :
Year : 2020
Location : Av. La Dehesa 1941
Area : 750 m2

SAE Office

Internal reformulation project in which certain areas of the current offices that operate at different levels are intervened, with the desire of promoting and developing aspects of the company regarding work culture and improvement of spaces both in physical and qualitative aspects.

A detailed diagnosis took place with different managements and a survey given to the entire organization. Through this survey the general concepts and strategies for the redefinition of the workspace was be developed.

A new space was developed with the incorporation of various programs to generate a work environment that helped the work culture, commitment, relationship, productivity, effectiveness and sense of belonging of the workers.

Some of the strategies proposed were:

  • Enhance visual connections and transparency.
  • Provide the environment with multipurpose spaces for individual or group work or moments of rest.
  • Implement elements that unify and characterize the space.
  • Deliver breadth and identity to the different spaces that make up the workplace.
  • Provide various supports and areas for work and storage items.
  • Equip the environment with integrated and quality services.