Work in Progress · Casa NG

Client :
Year : 2019
Location : Aguas Claras. Cachagua .V Región
Area : 290 m2

Casa Nualart González

Casa NG is a single-family housing project located in the Aguas Claras condominium, in Cachagua. Two large walls delimit the development of this house, framing the view towards the valley and configuring the public space of the house. The walls are buried and a light volume rests on them in which the most private program of housing is developed.

It seeks to organize the program of the house with wide and continuous spaces, minimizing circulation and accompanying the view of the valley given by the slope of the land. A large terrace that frames the views and ends in an outdoor barbecue area as an extension of the living room and kitchen that is protected from the weather through the continuation of the concrete structure.