Work in Progress · Museography MAC Valdivia

Client :
Year : 2017
Location : Valdivia, Región de Los Ríos
Area :

Museography Mac Valdivia

The commission is part of the Valdivia Contemporary Art Museum, developed by the architect Cristian Undurraga, national award for architecture. We had to develop the museum and conservation proposal for outdoor areas and the way finding project for the park where the museum is located.

The project seeks to recognize and value the industrial heritage of the Los Ríos Region and present in an educational and attractive way those processes and milestones that have marked the history of Isla Teja, enhancing the understanding of the space in which the MAC Valdivia resides.

The way finding addressed user navigation both within the museum, as well as the design of pieces outside the museum, adding character and value, and providing a better experience on the route. We decided to use noble materials with almost zero maintenance, elements of simple manufacture, that maintain the natural and industrial essence of the environment.