Work in Progress · Colbún Seminar

Client :
Year : 2019

Project canceled

Seminar “Voices with energy Colbún”

Since 2013 Cobún has been hosting the annual seminar “Voices with Energy”, with the objective of opening dialogue and reflection related to relevant issues in Chile. The 2019 edition had as its main guest the historian and writer Andrea Wulf, author of the book “The Invention of Nature”, where she addresses the contribution of the German naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt to the understanding of our environment.

Andrea Wulf investigated the impact of Humboldt on the most influential characters in current history, in areas such as the revolution, the theory of evolution, ecology, conservation, art or literature. Undoubtedly an invitation to all sectors of the industry to re-evaluate processes and contrast positions and visions.

The staging that we designed involved a scenographic design that represented gazes towards the future and, on the other hand, an audiovisual development that was inspired by naturalistic illustrations from the mid-nineteenth century.