Work in Progress · Museum Sanctuary of the Cetaceans

Client :
Year : 2018
Location : Quintay, Valparaíso.
Area :

Cetacean Sanctuary Master Plan

Commissioned by the Meri Foundation, whose purpose is to promote and develop scientific research and environmental education at the service of conservation, we developed a Master Plan to value the natural heritage of the former Quintay Whaling Company, for educational and conservation purposes.

The Master Plan seeks to respond to local and global problems of the cultural and natural heritage that the Sanctuary houses, recognizing the past of the former Whaler based on memory, present and future; acting as a catalyst between the scientific community, local habitants and ecosystems.

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“The next 10 years will shape the next 10,000 years, whether by what we do or what we don’t do”

Sylvia Earle · Marine Biologist